Curse Removal

Curses can be powerful spells placed upon a person or item to cause harm and draw negativity. If you believe that you have had a curse placed upon you it is not wise to linger. You should dispel this curse as soon as possible. I can do this for you. It is a hard process, but I am willing to help is this ritual is what you need.

When you select this spell, I will call upon the Spirits to assist me in completing my work, and you will be sent a special vévé to complete a small and simple, but important, part of the ritual. Please keep in mind that although the Spirits are not greedy, they do demand reverence and require compensation for their help. I provide this in the form of Offerings – included in the cost below are 3 Offerings, but you can request more if you wish to show your respect and generosity towards the Spirits who will be working on your behalf.

VERY IMPORTANT: I will contact you for your situation details within 24 hours!
Price: $49.00
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