Money Spell

Money Spells can be used in various ways, but they almost always have the same result, bringing money back in your direction. While these rituals may not help you win the lottery, they can help with many situations. The spirits do not like the greedy, so if that is your aim, look elsewhere. But if you are in need, I can help.

When you select this spell, I will call upon the Spirits to assist me in completing my work, and you will be sent a special vévé to complete a small and simple, but important, part of the ritual. Please keep in mind that although the Spirits are not greedy, they do demand reverence and require compensation for their help. I provide this in the form of Offerings – included in the cost below are 3 Offerings, but you can request more if you wish to show your respect and generosity towards the Spirits who will be working on your behalf.

VERY IMPORTANT: I will contact you for your situation details within 24 hours!
Price: $49.00
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